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Skool Loop

Services and Features

The Skool Loop content managers populate all school calendars, so there is no extra work for the school. We can integrate with your school Google Calendar or take content from a weekly newsletter, the choice is yours. Our aim is to ensure that it is no extra work in providing the information for your school calendar app to what you are currently doing.

Promotional material is provided to you, making it easy for you to promote your school calendar app to the school community. Each term the school is provided with statistics, ensuring the school can keep a close eye on how well their school calendar app is being used.

The Skool Loop App is supported and funded totally free by a small amount of local and regional advertising.

The Skool Loop sales team source this advert content for the school and then check with the authority at the school that no advertiser is featured without the schools approval.

We have strict guidelines to the advertising content; no unsuitable advertiser will feature. We check with the school first to ensure we only approach local businesses that are appropriate. If a school has current supporters and prefers we don’t contact those businesses; we adhere to this request.

Push Notifications (Instant Messaging)

The school community or groups of the school community can receive instant messages directly from the school. The school is provided with a secure login to send these messages. No limit! Extremely handy for reminders and in emergency planning.

School Calendar

View school dates and events. Syncs with your personal calendar to show any clashes.

Absentee Messaging

Quick, simple and convenient way to report your child as absent.

School Contacts

One easy list of contacts for your school, conveniently on your phone.

Permission Slips

Parents and caregivers can electronically sign forms & permission slips directly from your school app. Submitted forms and permission slips are then directly emailed to the school's chosen email address.


Keeping up to date with school community news and other school related information, with a direct link to the current school newsletter.


All push notifications / instant messages sent from the school are recorded here with any school notices or files.

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